All participants should undertake some prepatation to ensure a smooth experience during the workshop.

All participants will be expected to:

  • have access to a computer with internet access
  • have access to a Linux terminal
  • understand how to program in bash, shell, python, R, or similar
  • be able to use Zoom (for active participants)
  • read over all the specific requirements for each training session

Monday sessions

Common Workflow Language (CWL) (09:30-12:00) drawing drawing drawing drawing

Preparation advice: setup instructions can be found here:

Course material:

workflUX - the Workflow User eXperience (13:00-14:00) drawing drawing

Preparation advice: the session will make use of the de.NBI cloud so an ELIXIR account is required. Register here: or write an email to to request access.

Course material:

WESkit: GA4GH-compliant workflow execution (14:00-15:00)drawing drawing

Preparation advice: no special preparation is required for active participants via Zoom. For those watching the twitch stream, please read the setup instructions here:

Course material: coming soon! Until then, check out the getting started guide:

Tuesday sessions

Snakemake (09:30-12:00) drawing

Preparation advice: the course will use gitpod in your browser, so no installation or setups required. However, please register yourself at

Course material:

OpenEBench (13:00-14:30) drawing drawing

Preparation advice: the hands-on exercises require having git, Docker and Nextflow installed locally.

Course material:

Wednesday sessions

Nextflow (09:30-12:00) drawing

Preparation advice: participants will undertake the tutorial in a cloud environment delivered via Gitpod. All you need is a browser and internet connection. Make sure to have a GitHub account and register for a free Gitpod account.

Course material:

nf-core (13:00-15:00) drawing

Preparation advice: participants should install Nextflow and Docker. Further instructions here:

Course material: